• Ideal Basmati Rice

    A global rice company which seeks to take lead in providing the finest and high quality of Pakistan rice to its customers worldwide. For centuries, the quality and purity of the rice has been questionable. Ideal Rice is the product of HAS Rice Pakistan they lead in exporting high volumes of finest basmati rice and white rice from Pakistan to satisfy an increasing demand of rice consumers worldwide. Challenge: Idea Basmati Rice needed a Logo design that reflects the pure basmati rice products to build a unique presence in the market along with a traditional marketing presence to help brand the variety of rice products. They needed a unique and elegant packaging design. Solution: The Red Studio dig in and crafted a perfect logo design that represent Ideal Basmati Rice uniquely, the logo was designed to fit in any place in digital media products or in interactive or social media platforms. The Red Studio designed packaging that reflects traditional and regional test of the Rice.